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Congratulations to be approved as the Hebei Provincial Technology Innovation Center

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Huaqing Optoelectronics Company was approved by the Science and Technology Department of Hebei Province to build a new provincial technology innovation center in 2023.
Name: Hebei Province Light Extraction Layer Material Technology Innovation Center
The Technology Innovation Center mainly carries out the research and development of common key technologies and the integration of advanced technologies, providing mature and supporting technologies, standards, processes, equipment, and new products for industrialization.
The center also conducts technical consulting and training, promoting technology diffusion and transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements.
The center aims to gather and cultivate high-level professional and technical experts. Strengthen collaborative innovation and carry out domestic and international scientific and technological cooperation and exchanges.
This honor fully recognizes the outstanding achievements of our company in the field of technological innovation, and also highly recognizes the company's relentless pursuit of excellence and courage to innovate. We believe that our company will further leverage its advantages in the construction of the Provincial Technology Innovation Center project and make more outstanding contributions to the development of the industry. Wish we get more success  and greater glory on innovation in the future.